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History of Sis and D's
Handmade Spoons

Doug made his first spoon in June 1988. He broke a "store" bought spoon while dipping homemade ice cream. Thinking he could improve on the "store" bought spoon he went to the shop and used a draw knife and gouge to make an improved version. This spoon did the job and soon neighbors were requesting the improved version. Christmas gifts, wedding gifts, housewarming gifts followed, and the spoon making adventure was on its way.

He continued to refine and design new wooden cookware along with designing new tools to speed up the process. Doug met Celeste in '94 and she joined him in the business of making handmade cooking utensils.

Soon, after closing Celeste's business in '96, they formed Sis and D's Handmade Spoons. With Celeste's expertise in cooking [primarily Italian] they combined their strong points in cooking and wood working to create a line of not only beautiful but functional wooden cookware. Celeste managed the business for 5 years but with the increasing demand Doug finally had to make a full time commitment to the business.

Doug has a forestry degree from Mississippi State and was working as a sales representative for a sawmill equipment firm in the southeast. During this time he began acquiring some beautiful hardwood from some of the mills. With this wood, along with some curly maple from a gun stock maker and some different fruit woods they created their first spoons.

Doug and Celeste describe the process like this:

"When we begin work on the piece of wood... this is hard to describe, but we can "see" the spoon in the wood before we begin. We were talking to a duck decoy carver once and were inquiring how he did it. He said just take away everything that doesn't look like a duck. We understand exactly what he was talking about now. There are 8 steps involved in making each piece. There are no pieces exactly alike -- they each have their own personality."

"Spoon making is a hard, dirty, back-breaking job. It is not without its rewards though. Opening up a piece of wood is like opening a Christmas present. We are always stopping each other to comment how beautiful that piece of wood is or how this spoons feels "just right". More rewarding is the response from our customers. At one show, a customer commented she had sent a set of spoons to a friend in Key West. She called her after a hurricane evacuation to find out how she was. She told her the only thing she took with her was her handmade spoons."

"A love of wood, creating a useful cooking tool from scrap wood, and satisfied customers keeps our enthusasium high. This is a work in progress as we continue to learn those little things each day that translate to creating a working piece of art."

Doug Lamb and Celeste Wise
Sis and D's Handmade Spoons

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